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Definition of Brave: a having or displaying courage and resolution.


Crackling wooden wick? 

100% soy wax?

Paraben, Phthalate & dye free?

Reusable vessel?

Ugh, hi!  We got you! 

Our candles have subtle and luxury fragrances that are hand poured with love for you.

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Plant Mirror Reflection


I love scented candles and Brave Aurora Co. is one of my favourite companies.  They offer a nice range of scents (ones that I like and others my partner likes!) that are subtle and warm.  I also love the crackling wick that adds a bit extra when relaxing at home or in the bath.  Oh! And great addition of wineglass candles...they are beautiful when they burn and I can use them when they're done!

G.Kennedy - Vancouver

Whenever I am home I have candles burning.  I am obsessed. I love that Brave Aurora Co. uses 100% soy wax and that the fragrances are paraben and phthalate free.  I have been reusing the tins for charcuterie board which are super cute. Kissing Bees is a  perfect scent for summer days or nights.

N.Birkett - Canmore

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