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Meet Your Makers

Brave Aurora Co. was established in 2021 upon the realization that not all candles are created equal. This inspired the founders to create a safer product.

Kiss and Bee are Canadian sisters who were born in the prairies and have lived all over Western Canada. However, it was back home in Winnipeg, during lock-down that these two gigantic candle lovers discovered that most candles were toxic to them, their tiny humans and their little furry friends. 

In an effort to continue using a product they loved and provide a safer home for their family, they began trying to create their own healthier candles that did not sacrifice on filling a room with beautiful scents. After a year of research and many challenges, they did just that. It was then that they began sharing their creations with family, and then friends, and then friends of family and friends who began expressing their love of these candles, resulting in the creation of Brave Aurora Co.

The name was also a labour of love before ultimately landing on Brave Aurora Co. As the sisters were nervous to open their own business, the word brave was to serve as a reminder in times of uncertainty to live courageously, a sentiment passed down to them by their mother. You truly are the bravest and strongest person we know.  

 The word aurora was chosen for their love and inspiration of the Northern Lights, a magical experience that has left them in awe since they were children. There was also a parallel from the Aurora Borealis to their new chosen career path as they aspire to bring a little light to the world.

Brave Aurora Co. candles are made with 100% vegan and cruelty-free natural non-toxic soy wax providing a longer lasting burn. Our luxury fragrances which are also infused with essential oils are all paraben and phthalate free reducing the harmful toxins released into your home. Every candle also has a natural and eco-friendly FSC certified wooden wick that burns with a radiant glow. This wick provides a soothing crackle to evoke the warmth and sounds of a wood-burning fire. The Brave Aurora Co. collection is always found in reusable vessels including 4oz tins with a burn time of 25-30 hours and their staple 16oz stemless wine glasses with a burn time of 70-80 hours. 

Kiss & Bee

Brave Aurora Co.

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